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Good And Elegant Retaining Wall Ideas

Retaining wall ideas may be featured in modern landscaping. Retaining wall use to be designed in the sloped and soil terrain that has to be restrained. In retaining modern walls design, both function and form are important. Beside the retaining wall having such very useful in sloped and soil terrain, the form is also required to be decided aiming in creating pleased and beautiful decoration. Thus, retaining wall may help much in soil terrain which is bound between both hillsides and create interesting look and view.

backyard retaining wall ideas

Backyard Retaining Wall Ideas

Retaining Wall Ideas in Modern Landscape Architect

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Actually, the simplicity and complexity of retaining wall design ideas are based on the structured terrain, materials, and the work of architect himself. Those are materials that can be used in designing retaining walls such as wood, stone, and so on. We can use the materials based on owner preferences and match them to the design and such terrain. The retaining wall sometimes become the focal major in the landscape design because of the modern landscape architect that create stunning design and use high quality materials, especially in creating different style. Those are a lot of pleased examples of landscape design which is mix both engineering and natural elements which will offer us to clear and innovative thought. Many types of retaining walls are provided for customer to choose. This time we will only show you a kind of retaining wall namely dry-laid stone.

Making retaining Wall of Dry Laid Stone

Dry laid stone retaining wall has benefits such as declining water, fire, insect, and others. Thus dry laid stone retaining wall provides natural drainage without breaking and harming to the arrangements and structures like the other walls. This design is such natural method because it is harming nothing in common. This design is not required to be used against swimming pool because the silt that is perked from the stone wall is come from rain and sprinklers which may bring dirty.

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