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Modern Curtain Ideas For The Kitchen

Curtain ideas are the ideas about the designs of curtain. There are many designs for curtain. Basically, all curtains can be used for all windows in all rooms. But, it’ll be special if we buy the curtain for certain room. Sometimes, the certain room in the house gives different vibe. In that case, using certain model and design for furniture or decoration will be the best option to make the vibe in the room stronger. In this article, we’re going to give some examples of the curtains for kitchen from Houzz. Houzz is the popular site that sharing the design ideas about things related to house. In that website, we can see the picture of the design, short review, and you can buy some available products in that website too.

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Bathroom Curtain Ideas

Pattern Kitchen Curtain Ideas

15 Inspiration Gallery from Modern Curtain Ideas For The Kitchen

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The first one is the pattern curtain for the modern kitchen. In the Houzz, there’s a kitchen called Construction Woodside. The kitchen is using modern white themed kitchen with wooden furniture. The curtain that used in this kitchen is the brown-transparent windows that can be roll up and roll down. The windows are fully closed so it’s better to have simple curtain with bright or transparent colors so that the shine from outside the house can peek into the kitchen.

Mode Country Kitchen Curtain

The second one is the curtain for the modern country themed kitchen. The kitchen in the Houzz is called Modern Country Home. The kitchen is using dark peach theme for the main color of the kitchen. They also use grey color as the combination for some parts of the kitchen wall. They use the simple long white transparent curtain for the kitchen. White and transparent colors can blend easily with other colors so the white transparent curtains in this kitchen look really pretty.

June 14, 2017 Bathroom Decorating Ideas

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