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New Country Decorating Ideas From Houzz

Country decorating ideas are the ideas about the house that using country house themed. Country style is really iconic styles that can be easily tell by people who are seeing the house. It’s because the design of the house or rooms that using country style is using the typical design of country themed house. In this article, we’ll give you some information about certain room in the house that using country style. In this case, we get the reviews from Houzz. Houzz is the popular site that sharing the design ideas about things related to house. In that website, we can see the picture of the design, short review, and you can buy some available products too.

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Country Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Country Decorating Ideasfor Living Room

15 Inspiration Gallery from New Country Decorating Ideas From Houzz

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The first country design is the country design that used in the living room in the house called Crisp Architects. The living room in this house is not too spacious not too narrow. It’s just fit perfectly for both small and big houses. The first thing, that using typical of country style, is the ceiling that using some woods for the decoration. The curtains and the pillows in the living room are also in the country style pattern. The fireplace in the living room is using the typical of modern fireplace with wooden style too.

Country Decorating for Bedroom

The bedroom in the Houzz is called Warmington North. This bedroom is using grey color as the main color of the bedroom. They are using furniture and decorations such as curtains and desk lamps in the grey color too but the lighter one. It may look pale yet the country style in one color like this makes the room seems cozy and comfortable. They also put some small decorations that usually found in country house. You can check the website if you are curious about the picture of the country themed bedroom.

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