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Painting And Wallpaper Of Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room And Bedroom

Wall decoration ideas help you to change your wall decoration. The wall decoration makes your room more beautiful and interesting. The wall decorations of every room are different. The wall decoration of bedroom, kitchen, and living room are very different. The wall decoration is usually used in the living room and bedroom, never people who use wall decoration in their kitchen.  Why kitchen does not use wall decoration? Because kitchen not need the wall decoration, kitchen just use kitchen tile. Living room and bedroom wall decoration are also different. Living room is used to accept the guest, so that the wall decoration should be more welcoming. Bedroom is private room, so the owner of the room can use their favorite wall decoration.

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Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

Living room Wall Decoration Ideas

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Living room wall decoration should make the room more interesting and does not make the guest feel disturbing by the decoration. Wall decoration is divided into two kinds, painting or photos and wallpaper. The painting or photos are commonly used as the wall decoration, the photos or painting give warm effect in the living room. The painting and photos are same, the both of them use frame. But, there is also a difference between them. The painting usually has big frame because the size of the painting is big. If we use painting for wall decoration we can use just one painting, but if we use photos there are so many photos can hang in the wall as the wall decoration.

Bedroom Wall Decoration

Bedroom wall decoration usually use wallpaper as the wall decoration. Especially for girls, her room can full of the wallpaper; they like to decorate their wall with the wallpaper. Wallpaper is one of wall decoration; the using of wallpaper is to make the room more interesting and beautiful. Nowadays, there are many stores which sell the wallpaper for bedroom.

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