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Fireplace mantel ideas are is very useful for people who want to decorate his fireplace become more beautiful and useful. Nowadays, fireplace is more decorative and multifunction. Almost fireplace can be found in a big and huge house where the present of fireplace will create the more artistic look design even though the present of fireplace sometimes is neglected because there is other choice in heating air around using electric weather heater. Thus, the present of fireplace is only for the decorative house.

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Brick Fireplace Mantel Ideas

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Before decorating the mantel fireplace, it is better to check it out first, whether the fireplace is still available to be used or not, avoiding bed thing that can happen in future. If the fireplace is still can be used, then it will be harm more over if the mantel is made of wood or paper or other thing that is easily burnt. The tone of room can be set from fireplace mantel decoration, whether the decoration using artwork or individual collection. Putting object on fireplace not bigger than the fireplace is better and great because it will give additional artistic value. You can add everything you have without buying more stuff in decorating your own fireplace mantel. There are fireplace mantels for some occasions such as Halloween, Christmas, holiday, and the likes.

How to Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel Christmas

Decorating fireplace mantel for Christmas can be perfect if you can hang red stocking and use squash or flowers bucket for Halloween on fireplace mantel. Creating cluster or bunch if the decoration is smaller than fireplace mantel, such as three candle bearers, three ceramic statues and some more additional ornaments with different size to be arranged from the smaller to bigger ones or in contrast. Still, you can add creative creation you create to beautify the decoration depend on the preferences. Good luck!

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